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The coordinative compound sentence—the component clauses in this type of sentence are equal in importance and there is no subordination in meaning

(i) Sentences using 也 , 一边…一边… , 又…又… , 不是…而是… , etc to refer to or describe different things, states or the different aspects of a thing

  • 我的同学,也是我的好朋友。
  • 哥哥一边弹结他,一边唱歌。
  • 表姐会弹琴,会画画。
  • 今年暑假我不是去香港,而是去台湾。

(ii) Successive compound sentence – each clause indicates that some actions have taken place in successive order. The order of each clause is definite and cannot be reversed

  • 说完话便站起身走了。
  • 做完功课看电视
  • 爸爸一下班回家便立即开始做饭