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Let's Learn Chinese e-dictionary


You can look up a Chinese head-word by typing in the input box in the left column:

  • The Chinese head-word itself in Traditional or Simplified script
  • Its English meaning
  • Its Pinyin(拼音) - with or without a tone mark (1 to 4, or 0 for light tone)
  • Its Jyutping (粵拼 - 香港語言學學會) or Colloquial Jyutping(口語粵拼) - with or without a tone mark (1 to 6)

You can select one of the following search criteria:

  • An exact match of the look-up word(s)
  • Begins with the look-up word(s)
  • Contains the look-up word(s)
  • Ends with look-up word(s)

An example - to look up the Chinese word that means happy:

Select Mandarin, Simplified, English and Full match in the left column, then in the last box enter the word happy and click the SUBMIT LOOK UP button.

Yet to be completed:

  • Pictures
  • Examples of usage


  • Eileen Lee - Cantonese pronunciation recording
  • Kitty Carstensen - Cantonese sound files editing
  • Amy Thompson - Mandarin pronunciation recording