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The pivotal sentence — a sentence with two verbal constructions in which the object of the first verb is also the subject of the verb that follows


(i) Sentences with 请 or 要 – both of these mean to ask someone to do something. 请 is much more polite and may also be used to mean “to invite” as in the example. 要 quite often implies a “command” tone

  • 我们参加她的生日会。
  • 妈妈我们晚上十时上床睡觉。

(ii) Sentences with 有

  • 唐朝个出名的诗人叫李白。
  • 朋友病了。

(iii) Sentences with verbal expressions in series as well as being pivotal

  • 爸爸哥哥商店买牛奶和面包。
  • 昨天我机场公公回家
  • 我们伦敦儿童合唱团学校演出节目。