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The purpose of this web-site is to provide learning support materials for all educational publications produced by the UK Federation of Chinese Schools.

What is already developed

All eighteen stories in the Let's Learn Chinese books are now uploaded onto the site. These are stories from Foundation Level, Elementary Level, Book One, Book Two and Book Three. You can start reading them by clicking the Talking Books tab in the main menu bar above.

Let's Learn Chinese e-Dictionary - it now has the full vocabulary of the Let's Learn Chinese books up to Book Four. Different methods for searching a headword are provided:

  • Chinese in either traditional or simplified;
  • English
  • Mandarin Pinyin
  • Cantonese Jyutping
  • Colloquial Cantonese Jyutping

Please click the E-Dictionary tab in the above main menu bar to try it out.

Further development planned

It is planned to add the following before the start of the next school year in September 2014:

  • Addition of pictures to the e-dictionary.
  • Various games such as flash cards, phrase pairing and sentence reconstruction.

UKFCS Publications

To see the whole range of publications, please click HERE. Please note that some of the book cover images in that page are linked to a flip book (image dimmed when pointer hovering over the book cover); simply click on it to inspect a sample of its content.

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We value your feedback on this web-site. Please click on the Contact Us tab in the main menu bar to leave us your comment.